Fresh Water Generator

Fresh Water Generator

Fresh Water Generator

Fresh water generator, one of the important machinery on board a ship, is something that cannot be done without. Fresh water produced from fresh water generator is used for drinking, cooking, washing and even running other important machinery which use fresh water as a cooling medium.

Generally the heat source available is taken from the main engine jacket water, which is used for cooling the main engine components such as cylinder head, liner etc. 

The main body of a fresh water generator on the ship consists of a large cylindrical body with two compartments. One of the compartments is the condenser and the other is the evaporator. The fresh water generator also consists of an educator which helps in generating the required vacuum. The fresh water pump and ejector pump helps in transfer of water to and from the fresh water generator.

Various types of fresh water generators used on board ships are mainly :

  • Submerged tube type fresh water generator.
  • Plate type fresh water generator, and
  • Reverse osmosis plant

Spare Parts for Fresh Water Generator:

We at Y.A. Marine can provide wide range of spare parts for Fresh Water Generators of different functional principles. 

We deal in following Makes:

  • Alfa Laval
  • Rumia
  • Sasakura
  • Nirex
  • Atlas