Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate heat exchangers or plate heat conductors serve to exchange and conduct thermal energy from one element to another. That is why they are used predominantly in heating, refrigeration and air conditioning systems. This catalogue lists spare parts for plate heat exchangers.

Sealed models are bolted together and plates can thus be quickly and easily replaced. They are sealed with rubber seals between the two plates. These are vulnerable to aggressive media such as ammonia. For this reason welded or soldered plate heat exchangers are used instead. These can however only be replaced completely or in modules (cassettes).

In our selection you will find suitable spare parts for every design of heat exchanger.

Plate Heat Exchanger Advantages

  • Easy to Remove and Clean

You simply remove the tie bolts and slide back the movable frame.  The plate pack can then be inspected, pressure cleaned, or removed for refurbishment if necessary. 

  • Expandable

A significant benefit of the plate heat exchanger is that it is expandable, allowing an increase in heat transfer capability.  As your heat transfer requirements change, you can simply add plates instead of buying an entire new frame unit, saving time and money. 

  • High Efficiency

The pressed plate patterns and narrow gaps allow for very high turbulence at relatively low fluid velocity. Combined with counter directional flow results in very high heat transfer coefficients. 

  • Compact Size The high efficiency requires less heat transfer area resulting in a much smaller heat exchanger than would be necessary for the identical effectiveness of other heat exchanger types.  Typically a plate heat exchanger requires 20-40% less space than required by a shell & tube heat exchanger. 
  • Close Approach Temperature

The same features that give the plate heat exchanger its high efficiency also makes it possible to reach close approach temperatures which is particularly important in heat recovery and regeneration applications.  Approach temperatures of 1ºF are possible. 

  • Multiple Duties in a Single Unit

The plate heat exchanger can be built in sections, separated with simple divider plates or more complicated divider frames with additional connections.  This makes it possible to heat, regenerate, and cool a fluid in one heat exchanger or heat or cool multiple fluids with the same cooling or heating source. 

  • Avoid cross contamination

Each medium is individually gasketed and as the space between the gaskets is vented to the atmosphere, cross contamination of fluids is eliminated. 

  • Less Fouling

Very high turbulence is achieved as a result of the pattern of the plates, the many contact points, and the narrow gap between the plates.  This combined with the smooth plate surface reduces fouling considerably compared to other types of heat exchangers. 

  • Lower Costs

High heat transfer coefficients mean less heat transfer area and smaller heat exchangers, and sometimes even less heat exchangers.  This and less space requirements, reduced flow rates, and smaller pumps means.


Heat Exchanger Frames
Frame Types: Industrial Painted Frames – Blue
Hygienic Stainless Steel Frames
Flow Type: Most models parallel flow
Connection Types: Range of industrial and hygienic connections

Heat Exchanger Gaskets
Frame Types: Clip and some Glue type
Gasket Material: NBR
HNBR High Temperature
Other material available on request

Heat Transfer Plates
Chevron Pattern: Most plate models available in two patterns – high and low theta
Plate Material: 304 Stainless Steel
316 Stainless Steel

Areas of Use for Plate Heat Exchangers on Ships

On a ship plate heat exchangers besides the central cooling of main and auxiliary machinery take over further tasks such as the cooling of compressors or lubricating oil. For salt water applications titanium has proven itself as a plate material due to its high resistance.
In the stationary plants of almost all branches of industry there are also a large number of thermal circuits which require plate heat exchangers.

Large Selection of Parts for Plate Heat Exchangers

The requirement on reliability and quality of spare parts for plate heat exchangers is particularly high. Whether you are looking for the right replacement plates or need seals, clamp screws and other spare parts for your plate heat exchanger, we are guaranteed to have the right parts in our selection.
We specialise in suitable spare parts for plate heat exchangers from the following manufacturers:

  • Alfa Laval
  • Sondex
  • GEA Ecoflex
  • APV
  • Swep
  • Tranter