Main design features:

• Axial-flow turbine with high-wear resistant wide-chord blades fitted in the turbine disc using the fir tree foot method, eliminating the requirement for damping wire and facilitating their potential replacement.
• Innovative variable turbine area technology (VTA), as an option, replaces the standard nozzle ring design, which adapts the flow cross section according to the load condition of the engine, reducing the consumption and the CO2, smoke and particle emissions.
• Two internal radial bearings with floating journal bearing bushes and a separate thrust bearing fitted around a shaft of small diameter aiming to minimize the mechanical friction losses and increase their service life up to 50.000 hours. In addition, there is no need for separate turbocharger lube oil because the bearings are lubricated using the engine oil lube oil system.

  • TCA 33
  • TCA 44
  • TCA 55
  • TCA 66
  • TCA 77
  • TCA 88

Main benefits:

• High efficiency achieved by the latest designs of turbine blades, turbine outlet diffuser and inlet casing and compressor volute and diffuser vanes.
• Compact and silent because of the structure and assembly design of the casings and the specially designed compressor wheel.