Main design features:
• One piece compressor wheel with spatially bent blades milled from high-tensile aluminium alloy material.
• The axial-flow turbine wheel is friction-welded to the rotor shaft which is short, achieving high rigidity and low mass. 
• Short bearing distance facilitating the precise rotor alignment.
• Single-walled, uncooled casings of waterless design minimizing corrosion of the turbine casing (no washing in HFO operation) and dissipation of process heat. As a result, no cooling water system is used and the casings are light. 


  • NA 29/S
  • NA 34/S
  • NA 40/S
  • NA 48/S
  • NA 57/T9
  • NA 70/T9

Main benefits:
• Operational flexibility supporting both heavy and diesel fuel oil engine operation because of the high thermal tolerance.
• Compact, light and plain design facilitating the attachment to the engine and maintenance because of the few main components and promising increased operational reliability.
• Cost-effective supporting a wide output range with low operating costs and long service life.